Ajit's Vivekam is Seriously Silly! Find out why, read Vivekam Review

2 / 5
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Ajit’s much awaited film ‘Vivekam’ (Vivegam in Tamil) hits the screen today after two years from his last release! Trailer left the fans go crazy and created more hype mainly due to the stylish appearance of Ajit. We all know what Ajit is famous for; his tremendous acting skills and stylish appearance apart from being recognised as ‘good, down to earth human’.

Let’s see if Ajit could convince his fans and Audience as an international secret agent he played in this flick.


Ajay Kumar alias AK (Ajith), is an honest and fierce agent working for an anti terror agency run by various countries in Europe. AK‘s colleague and close friend is Arayan (Vivek Oberoi) and they go on a mission to catch Natasha (Akshara Haasan), a hacker who has access codes of deadly weapons to destroy countries. After successfully catching Natasha, his friends in the same agency including Aryan tries to kill him and later frames him as a most wanted terrorist.

AK’s is madly in love with his wife (Kajal Aggarwal) and she becomes his support in fighting back the culprits and taking revenge. How AK fights back, what is so ‘Vivekam’ in his strategies, and how he succeeds forms rest of this predictable yarn.

Critic Brain Analysys:

Ajit plays a one-man demolition squad in this thriller helmed by his favourite director Siva. However, Director Shiva seems to have written the sequences for his fans and on its way, forgot that Ajit is AK in the film which means Ajay Kumar not Ajit Kumar. There are many unwanted elements in the film that are only intended to please Ajith's fans, keeping the star’s macho, hero image in mind. You will go crazy thinking how a single man pulled resources and is equipped with weapons without any external support to fight such a tough agency. Don’t try to find logics, it’s a hero!

Siva managed to create an image of resembling an action Hollywood spy thriller in terms of Cinematography, but have ruined such a serious plot with Mass Masala dialogues at some parts. Right from the beginning of story, you can easily predict what’s going around. Kajol’s dialogues are so poorly written. It seems like her character is meant to praise Ajits heroism. The smart strategies are so silly that regular audience of thriller films will laugh at! Background scores are so routine, could not keep your mood intact.

Having said that, I have to admit that this is film is a classic example of how a serious thriller can be made as a masala entertainer. It is likely to run in single screen theatres across Tamilnadu and Telugu states.

On a positive note, Cinematography is and styling of Ajit is exceptionally good. Ajit has joined the Six-pack obsession club with this film, attracting his fans more than ever I’ve ever seen them screaming! Kudos to Ajit's dedication in making his films, his efforts to please his fans. He's done such a hard work, you can witness it in the making scenes after end of film.

But.. having such a strong star casting like Vivek Oberoy etc., there is not much scope for anyone else except Ajit to perform.

Finally.. go watch it if you are an Ajit Fan, else you could pleasantly ignore this illogical and predictable yarn. It’s a seriously silly film!

Note: Below ratings are for individual departments. Choreography is given 5 stars as its not applicable

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