Bahujan Mukti Party merges with Sharad Yadav's Loktantrik Janta Dal

VL Matang, Sharad Yadav etc., at Press Conference

New Delhi: Noted backward classes leader and national president of Bahujan Mukti Party (BMP) V.L.Matang and senior politician Sharad Yadav joined at a press conference held today in Delhi to announce the merger of BMP with Loktantrik Janta Dal. Yadav floated Loktantrik Jantadal Party in the month of May 2018 after his terms ended with JD(U) due to the BJP-JDU alliance in Bihar.

Bahujan Mukti Party, backed by popular organizations such as Bharat Mukti Morcha has contested in around 200 parliament constituencies in the 2014 general elections and has been vocal against the EVM machines since then.  The party has been strengthening its roots in Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujrat, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh while it has its units across all states.

Matang said that they have decided to merge the party (BMP) with the Sharad Yadav headed new party; LJD in the best interest of social objective and because they both share similar political ideology. "Sharad ji is the only politician in the contemporary politics after Manyawar Kanshiram, who has never faced corruption allegations" said Matang.

Sharad yadav has clarified that he is working towards uniting all the political parties that share a common objective of ending the ‘very dangerous’ polity of BJP. He said none of the communities are happy with the current government and that the people are awaiting a chance to end the BJP rule in the upcoming elections.

Responding to a question whether they are going to come in support of Congress’s prime ministerial candidate (Rahul Gandhi), both the leaders said the decision will be taken in appropriate time and manner.

Talking to Critic Brain, the party leaders mentioned that their immediate action is for the Bharat Band, scheduled for 9th August and the details about 2019 electoral policies will be announced soon after that.