BREAKING: Dhinchak Pooja Youtube Videos Deleted: Fans upset, Critics Celebrate

Dhinchak Pooja Youtube Videos deleted

Do you know her? Have you ever heard/watched her 'viral' songs on youtube? If not, you are lucky. Hold on, no you are not! You probably would have missed a potential hilarious videos that were beyond the judgment of critics. She is none other than Dhinchak Poojaa youtube star who became 'vefy famous' in a short time.

She has over 1,79,000 Subscribers to her youtube channel with over 30 million views for her last video, 'Selfie myne leliya' after which most of the selfie addicts stopped taking one!

We all have heard her songs. We regretted those two minutes or have loved watching again and again (as some aliens claim) but none could ignore her! That's Dhinchak.

It is heard, though unconfirmed yet, that a person named ‘Kathappa Singh’ has claimed copyright issues that lead to the deletion of all videos. However, congratulations to all those who wanted to ignore her but could not do so till now!