Darshakudu Movie Review: Director minus Director - that's it! 2.5/5

Darshakudu Movie. Critic Brain Rating: 2.5 / 5

A director does 20% creation and 80% management’says the lead role in this film. Let’s see if he has successfully managed the 80% and expressed the 20%.

Critic Brain Marks: 2.5* / 5
Director: Hari Prasad 
Music: Sai Kartheek   
Starring: Ashok, Esha Rabba, Sudarshan, Pujitha Ponnada etc.,

Story: Mahesh (Ashok) is an aspiring director who connects every real life scene with a reel life screenplay. So passionate about film making since childhood, Ashok comes to Hyderabad and manages to get his first chance as director after his struggle in the industry. However, the producer of his first film agrees to produce the film only if the director comes back with a convincing love track in the film.

In his hunt for an inspiring love story, he bumps into a girl Namratha ( Eesha Rebba) in a train and falls in love with her. He utilises every situation that happens between himself and Namrata and incorporate the same in his script. Smart girl Namratha quickly realises that the director is only using her episode for the film and keeps him away. What happened to the real life love? How did the director conclude his film within the film before the actual story comes to an end? You have to watch it on the silver screen.

Analysis: There were many films in the past with the lead role plays an aspiring director. Did you watch Neninthe? Em Maaya Chesave? In which the lead roles are aspiring directors? Don’t compare ‘Darsakudu’ with those films nor do expect a Sukumar Style of making.

A powerful story line handled with confusion or negligence becomes “Darsakudu”. In a way, the actual Director of Darshakudu was concerned about the director's story in his film rather than his own story and direction or "Darshakudu" It's thus a Director munus Director! However, the lead roles did their best. Debut actor Ashok would have been better. First half of the story is below average with predictable screenplay. This film lacks entertainment despite being a filmy based theme.

On a positive note, second half of the film is handled well with an exception of predictability and uninteresting screenplay. Every scene pictured on the theme of ‘Director’is appreciable.  Characterisation of Eesha competes with Ashok. Unlike the films in past where love stories over takes the ‘theme of film making’, Darshakudu is convincingly attached to the theme line of story.

Finally... Director is an average film if you are convinced to patiently watch the predictable first half. However, this film is sure to connect to the aspirants within film industry. There are certain scenes which can run some tears for a section of audience.

You can give this film a try if not busy this weekend!