EVM was found on the highway number 27, Two officials suspended

EVM found on the highway
Image Courtesy: sentinelassam

Guwahati: Two polling officials posted in Rajasthan for conducting Assembly polls in the state have been suspended by the Election Commission for negligence in their duty towards the proper protection and safety of the EVMs.

Rajasthan went through the Assembly polls on December 7 and it is on the same day, after the completion of the poll, a ballot was found lying on the road in Shahabad area of Kishanganj Assembly Constituency in Rajasthan’s Baran district. Such an act of utter negligence and irresponsibility showed by the polling offiicials concerned certainly irked the authority, especially the election commission. The after effect was that the two polling officials, namely, Abdul Rafiq and Nawal Singh Patwari are suspended immediately.

The EVM found lying on the road was a sealed EVM, bearing the serial number BBUAD41390. The suspension order for the officers came on the basis of negligence towards their duty. The suspension order states that the EVM found lying on the road has been taken into custody and kept at a strong room under guard.



News Courtesy: sentinelassam