Is Pawan Kalyan against Reservation policy?

Janasena party founder Pawan Kalyan during an interaction session with his party members

Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan is in news again with his remarks about Reservation Policy during an interaction with the party’s Social Media team. He names this team as “Sataghni”. Pawan answered several questions raised by the team.

Answering to a question about reservations, Pawan said that the actual intention of reservations was based on the social status, but now it should be on economic status. He said that his father denied applying caste certificate for Pawan on his mother’s caste (Pawan’s mother belongs to a sub-caste within Kapu caste, to which Pawan’s father belong) to avail reservation in police recruitments.

Misrepresentation by a section of media?

Dalit activists in social media have also started to criticise Pawan after his remarks were published in today’s regional news papers. Film Critic Mahesh Kathi, who was targeted by Pawan fans also has criticised Pawan’s lack of knowledge on reservation policy referring to a paper statement. A section of media has reported him as saying that a ‘society without reservations will be a real tribute to DR. Ambedkar’. However, this appears to be as false representation as his actual words according to the video footage were to say “a society without the need of reservations will be a real tribute to Dr. Ambedkar”. He meant to say that we have to reform a society where reservations are not required, which is very sensible. In a way, what he referred to was a casteless society.

Does that mean he is in favour of reservations?
No, he is against reservations. Perhaps he doesn’t yet understand it. Read why and how:

Apart from the above remarks, Pawan also made following comments.

  1. Ambedkar wanted reservation for a particular period, but its extended till date for whatever reasons
  2. Ambedkar warned, if reservations are not properly implemented there is a threat of other communities demanding reservations
  3. Reservation should be based on economic status.
  4. People should voluntarily give up reservation after they reach certain economic status. There should be a creamy layer to the reservation policy.

It seems that Pawan is not clear about the time limits of reservations. It was only meant for political reservation, not for all other areas. Second, it is not known where did Dr. Ambedkar warned about possibilities of other communities demanding reservations. In fact, Dr. Ambedkar insisted for proportionate representation for Other Backward Classes and he even resigned his law ministry in support of this policy. Does Pawan has a clue about it? If he had, he would have not made such ignorant comments.

Further, it is true that a section of people (who doesn’t avail official reservation) are propagating about having a creamy layer in reservation. This idea is ridiculed by most of the intellectuals as the purpose of reservation is Social Backwardness, and it should be there as long as caste exists in this society. Creamy layer is also a way to deny reservations to those people who still suffer caste discrimination. Do we know anyone whose caste has vanished after they earn money or positions? We still have a president of India who is called as “Dalit President”.

People voluntarily giving up reservation is an individual choice like Pawan’s father did. But the reality is even Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan or his party men, all have a caste attached to them irrespective of their choice of availing reservations.

Pawan has however clarified that his party stand on the Reservation policy will be declared soon, they are still in brainstorming about it. Hopefully, he will make his judgements after being able to see social realities, learning about them and having conviction of his thoughts.

Video of the session, divided into four parts is uploaded onto the official youtube channel of Janasena.