Mehbooba: Far from reality, close to Stupidity

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Mehbooba Movie Review

STORY: Roshan (Akash Puri) is a young man who aims to become an army officer. He sees some strange dreams since his childhood in which he feels being in love with someone and that he was killed by someone. Afreen (Neha Shetty) also sees similar dreams and aspires to pursue her studies in India. The young couple crosses each other’s path only to find that they have reincarnated from 1971 to find their love and Roshan was a Pakistani soldier while Afreen was an Indian in her past life. Rest of the story is all about whether or not they were successful in this life.

REVIEW: When was the last time you heard granny stories about getting deep fried in hot oils for your wrong doings or stories about how the torturing electric chair in police interrogation feel like? If you haven’t heard anything of such sort, dare to go watch this mind-numbing nonsensical horror drama of Puri Jagannath.

In this world of Mehbooba, several characters arrives out of nowhere and does everything that a self declared extreme nationalists in real life would want to watch on screen; Projection of Pakistan in bad light, show ‘all Muslims are not bad’, and finally the Indian army breaks not only the law but also blasts the border gates of enemy to help a young couple cross the border.

Right from the start of the film, you will know what’s going to happen, what has already happened, except that you don’t realise your fate at the climax yet. The already broken surprise comes as a surprise to you as a flashback that’s set in the backdrop of Indo-Pak war in 1971. There, Kabir (Akash) is a Pakistani soldier who falls in love with an Indian girl (Neha), but their love isn’t success due to the war. Both of them take next life to meet again and this time, they are born in opposite nations (luckily not as opposite sex) to do everything they can, even if it means bringing the two countries to the brink of war, to be together. They fight with the world and survive with the help of female Indian soldiers (don’t expect discipline and protocols, it’s a Puri fantasy world). The climax scenes pictured at the Indo-Pak border is something unforgivable.

Roshan and Afreen survive in the end, but the real survivor is you, because you were just another lab rat in the grand scheme of Puri's conspiracy against the viewers. The play's cast was excellent, but the Story-Screenplay-Direction and particularly the dialogues portion was unforgivably cringeworthy. Dialogues are a depiction of xenophobia charged with islamophobia.

Yesterday, I reviewed Raazi as ‘rarest of the rare’ film for the portraying of patriotism in its true sense and today I have to add another ‘rarest of the rare’ film to my list. This time, a rare piece of nonsense on the silver screen that you want to immediately forget but it surely leaves you in trauma for couple of days unless you have a good deviation or anti depression pills.

If anything has to be appreciated in this unfortunate experiment of Puri Jagannath on his own son’s debut in a lead role, it is the lead cast. Aakash has very well carried whatever was assigned to him. He is impressive in the soldier’s role and has a good onscreen presence.  Neha justified her character. Sandeep Choutha’s music did not add any value either in terms of songs or background scores.

Watch this weekend disaster at your own risk!

Review by: Srikanth Chintala

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are purely personal opinions of one individual critic and are not conclusive. Viewers are advised to watch the film to have their own opinions.

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