Muslim Personal Law Board's letter to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


7 March 2018

All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Respected Mr Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Sahib,

May God guide all of us to the path of justice and peace.

We are in receipt on your undated letter.

We expected from you a formula cognate with justice and law. We looked forward to your call for compromise between the concerned parties on the basis of a fair formula. Had you taken such an initiative, the Muslim Personal Law Board would have responded positively to your initiative. However, we regret to note that you have not done so. For long, you have been asking Muslims to abandon their claim. This stance was obviously not acceptable and practical. The same holds true today.

We recognize that notwithstanding our very strong case, the Supreme Court may decide the case in the either way. Yet, we have always maintained the position that we will abide by the final judgement of the Supreme Court. In our opinion, the opponent party should have also taken the same stand if they believe in the Constitution of our country and in the rule of law. You and all those who present themselves as peace-loving spiritual leaders should reason with the opposite party that in the absence of any just and reasonable formula, they should declare that they will respect the Supreme Court judgement. It is a matter of great sorrow and concern for us that you too have been using the language of the other party. What is more regrettable is that you have referred to horrible violence and bloodshed in the event the judgement is for a mosque. You have been thus inciting the terrorist and anti-social elements.

We still request you to appeal to Hindu brethren and the entire polity to abide by the Supreme Court judgement. Peace can be established in a multi-faith country only when the rule of law and court judgements are followed in controversial matters. We hope you will seriously consider our request.

We would finally add with utmost sincerity and respect that you are aware of a section in our beloved country that has crossed all limits of terrorism and bestiality. They have been spreading hate and fear in the country. It would have been much better if you had raised your voice against injustice and wrongdoers and had come out openly as the champion of the weak and the victims. Such a course of noble and honest action would have certainly led to cordial relations and peace in the country. May God show the straight way to all of us.

With utmost regards,

Muhammad Wali Rahmani

General Secretary