Nela Ticket not worth even for a free ticket!

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Nela Ticket Movie Review

Story: Aditya Bhupati (Jagapati Babu) is an adopted son of a Senior politician Sarath Babu, who's life ambition is to start ‘Ananda Nilayam’, a huge orphanage in three thousand acres with his ancestral property. Sarath Babu's another dream is to see his son as a minister. On the day of swearing in of Aditya Bhupati as home minister, he kills his father in a planned bomb blast. A reporter finds about the murder and wants to expose it.

Nela Ticket (Ravi Teja) is an orphan, thus he loves to be with people and help. 'Chuttu Janam Madyalo Manam' is his way of living life. Rest of the story is all about how (&why) Ravi Teja enters into life of home minister and whether he fulfilled the dreams of Sharath Babu.


Did you ever pity the audience sitting around you and watching a disaster? Did you ever feel happy for the people who are leaving cinema in the middle of the show and accused yourself for not being in their position? I experienced all these feelings today and still couldn't help myself because I have to write this review!

Ravi Teja keeps reminding you all the time that he's an orphan. If he forgets about his family status, the director has arranged a bunch of characters around him only to remind him that he's an orphan and he's the greatest man in their lives. He goes to any extent to help anyone who calls him with a tag of relationship like "Anna, thammudu, etc'. You got it right! The world is his family like any other Telugu hero has on screen! He gives false witness in the courts for a loving or living. Courts are not made of lawyers and judges. They are made of fools according to the director. 
Though you are not the accused in such court scenes, you will start feeling the punishment already if you manage to sit through for some more time!

All of a sudden, he gets a different feeling on a girl other than mother and sister (as he claims so) in middle of a traffic signal which he calls "Love". As you can expect, she keeps coming in whenever our hero wants some romance or love or when the director feels the audience may want a song. But no, what the audience wants is a refund of ticket money, which unfortunately they can't get!

Our hero plays with the home minister and his gangs like toys and everyone are fools around the minister. If anyone is intelligent, it's the hero! But the real intelligents are the audience who quickly realises they are going to enter into a drain and they escape from the theater before they are fully drenched!

At the end of the movie, our hero wins the trust of people around him with most idiotic reasons that you can't justify. With the help of same the  people, he traps the home minister and the movie reaches the climax to give a brutal villain a last chance to change. You can't guess the climax twist, a notorious politician, a home minister changes himself and surrenders to court. The court sentences him to life and the villain goes to jail. This is when you feel like you are released from prison.

 But it's not the end card yet! You are yet to witness the final irony, life sentenced convict comes out of jail in a younger, smarter and charming shape.

Apart from Ravi Tejas power packed performance as always, there's nothing I can recommend you to watch this unfortunate experiment.

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