New Director in Telugu Industry: Sekhar Kammula | Fidaa Movie rating: 3.5

Sekhar Kammula's Fida movie poster

There’s a new director in Telugu Industry, Sekhar Kammula! And he make you all Fida on him and his lead roles again. Personally, I’m already Fida on Sai Pallavi.

Director : Sekhar Kammula
Music Director : Shakthi Kanth
Starring : Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi

Story:    Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi) , a BA agriculture student lives in a village near Bhanswada, Nizamabad along with her sister and father. Varun (Varun Tej)’s brother comes to Bhanswada to fix his marriage with Bhanumathi’s elder sister. Varun comes down to India to deal with marriage and other celebrations, where he meets Bhanumathi.

Varun and Bhanumathi falls in love but won’t propose to each other due to certain situations. Varun goes back to USA but could not get over Bhanumathi, hence propose her over watsapp, only to get a reply of rejection. Rest of the story is why Bhanumathi rejects Varun, whether the couple finally get married or not.


Critic Brain analysis:

It’s a routine love story, but executed with neat screenplay! Fidaa is undoubtedly one of the best love stories made in the recent times. Characterisations are very well carried till the end and special marks to the lead artists Varun and Sai Pallavi. This film is likely to collect more gross in overseas than in India for the nativity feeling!

This is not certainly a Sekhar Kammula’s mark of film. It has freshness. Good that Kammula has realised that each story has its own narration, and need not be in the same flavour like he did with life is beautiful, the only below average film he did in his career. Special appreciation to Shekar should be given for his carrying of Emotional and Romance scenes! A scene where bride should leave her father after wedding is symbolically pictured in a song which will surely make audience emotional.

This is one of the best films with lead roles speaking Telangana accent. Nativity, culture is well executed. Sai Pallavi is a darling dream girl in Malayalam industry. She now grabs Telugu youth as well! Varun Tej is apt in his role and has carried the mood till end.

Technically: The camera work is just brilliant, so is the background music by Shaktikanth. Costumes of Sai Pallavi throughout the film should be appreciated! Director’s efforts in each department is evident.

On a negative note: The first half made me tweet appreciating Sekhar Kammula. Unfortunately, second half is not upto the mark in comparison with first half. Audience may feel a little disappointed in the second half. But again, second half is a different narration altogether so you need not compare. As already said, the story is not new. It’s quite predictable.

Finally...: Just go watch the wonderful narration of Sekhar Kammula, you will surely be Fida!