Paisa Vasool Review: Only Family and Fans, not for general audience

1.75 / 5
Paisa Vasool Movie Review

Balakrishna says he allows only his “Family and Fans” to touch him, not anyone else. That will probably become his trademark dialogue after this flick! However, this dialogue is rightly suitable for Paisa Vasool. Lets see why and how..
CAST: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya Saran, Musskan, Kyra Dutt
Music: Anup Rubens
Direction: Puri Jagannadh

Story: Bob Marley is a cruel gangster in a hit list by RAW. In search of a powerful agent to kill Bob, a police officer finds Theda Singh (Balakrishna) who is out from Tihar jail. Meanwhile, Harika (Musskan Sethi) files a complaint with police that her sister Sarika (Shriya Saran) went missing since several days and she last called her family from Portugal. Sarika was an investigative journalist who cracks Bob’s links with other mafia and Indian politicians.

Theda Singh falls in love with Harika and promise to kill bob and his gang for troubling his love interest. However, the police and RAW authorities gets a clue that Theda Singh is not what he appears to be, hence he is arrested. Who is Theda Singh and what is his relation to the missing journo? Why did he hide his identity and what happens later? That forms the story of Paisa Vasool.

Critic Brain analysis: It appears that Puri was aware; this film will not be well received by the general audience. May be that’s why he wrote this line “Only Family and Fans” can touch him to symbolically convey to the general audience. Apart from Balakrishna’s fresh appearance, impressive styling and dialogue delivery, there is nothing new in this movie. It’s the same revenge, gangstar; police, undercover agent, love story, Five songs with one Item number within all this crime drama! Is Puri running out of stories and ideas or still in the hangover of Pokiri? I seriously doubt!

Movie starts with a predictable story line: A villain’s younger brother is dead and the villain takes oath to seek revenge. The director ensured that he will not keep any secret for himself and will reveal everything before you get to climax! In what has become routine for Puri, there is enough molestation even in this movie. I do not understand why is it necessary to force women, tease her and do what in reality called molestation. There are scenes where the hero calls women as ‘item, lapaki’ etc., It is projected as Heroism?

Apart from the routine story telling, Puri is noted to ‘rebrand’ his heros. Be it Pawan Kalyan in Badri, Prabhas in Bujjigadu, Ravi Teja in Idiot and now, Balakrishna with Paisa Vasool. I’ve seen lot of fans enjoying, jumping and shouting ‘Jai Balayya’ whenever a punch dialogue has come. Fans did not even care that their hero is giving a ‘lecture to the interviewer’ in a serious interview or is teasing a women. Almost every second scene will appeal to the non multiplex crowd and you are sure to enjoy the cheers if watching at a B/C centre. It’s packed with such scenes; of course they have nothing to do with the story!

On a positive note, I do not wonder is this film becomes a commercial hit despite the fact that most of the multiplex crowd will not like it. It’s a complete Balayya’s show and we know his capacity at the box office especially when he made so much for his fans. Before the Interval and at the climax, Balayya says “Only for Family and Fans”. Yes, that’s true.

Finally… Balayya will entertain you, but Paisa Vasool may not! For me, I did not get my “Paisa Vasool” (of course, I did as a Balayya’s fan) but you may still enjoy if you want to watch a new Balayya on screen. Be aware, that the Climax of the movie is very poorly executed.

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