Slap on the minds that can't see more than SEX in a kiss: Meet Arjun Reddy, new era in Telugu Cinema

3.75 / 5
Vijay Devarakonda's Arjun Reddy

Cast : Vijay Devarakonda, Shalini Pandey, Rahul Ramakrishna, Kanchana, Sanjay Swaroop  
Music: Radhan 
Director: Sandeep Kumar Vanga

Firstly, thanks to those political leaders and culture Saviours who pledged to save the world by tearing Arjun Reddy posters! They gave so much publicity than the trailer did, resulting in a kick start at box office. Director Sandeep also slaps these poor minds that can’t see more than SEX in a kiss (read how below).  Let’s see who is Arjun Reddy, what he did in his life, and how did he convince the audience.

Story: Arjun Reddy (Vijay Devarakonda) is a brilliant medico with top academic background but is very poor in anger management. His juniors, friends and almost everyone around him fear his anger. At the same time, he is also an extremely free-spirited and honest individual who follows his conviction. He spots Preeti (Shalini), a fresher in his college and its love at first sight for Arjun Reddy.

Preeti is a shy girl in her late teens. Though she fears Arjun, later falls for him. Certain events then lead to a break-up between the two and a depressed Arjun Reddy becomes an alcoholic and a drug addict. Being thrown out from home by his father, Arjun starts practicing as a surgeon but never give up on his addiction. A serious incident triggers him to face legal challenges and leave his profession. Rest of the story is about whether Arjun Reddy get over his past or continue to ruin his life? What happened to Preeti? Did Arjun Reddy ever become normal again? Watch it on the silver screen!

Critic Brain Analysis: After a long time, I felt like watching real life characters on the screen. Arjun Reddy character could have existed anywhere around us. It could have been the director of this film. How can he write a character so well without having an experience of it? I really pity those sick minds that are able to see only ‘SEX’ in a kiss. Director slapped such minds in the film too, when Preeti’s father spots Arjun kissing his daughter and gets angry, he explains to Preeti’s father about kissing her daughter, and the same scene repeats at the climax. This time, the same father is silent when he spots his daughter kissing Arjun. Slap…!

Writer-director Sandeep draws your complete attention right from the first frame. You will not become judgemental after few minutes as you are already involved! His way of storytelling is indeed afresh for Telugu cinema which has no gimmicks, surprises or routine twists. It’s the story of Arjun Reddy, you will in your subconscious mind feels like you are watching a biopic of a real life character. Every scene offers something pain, suffering, love, friendship or concern. Almost all the major scenes in the film are shot in single take, keeping your more engaged to the scene.

Characters are written well and realistic. Arjun’s Grandmother (Kanchana) says she refuses to visit a drug addict grandson and explains how our heart takes when we lose a person after death, and what it is to see a person who left us in pain. She then says “Suffering is personal. Let him suffer” which makes the whole point of this film. Another surprise in Arjun reddy is Rahul Ramakrishna who plays Arjun’s friend. Rahul is an asset to the film like Priyadarshi was to Pellichoopulu. I loved him whenever he appears on screen (he’s throughout the film). Thankfully, the director managed well with dubbing avoiding false Telangana accent which many films failed at. I loved the realistic accent of all characters.

I should specially appreciate the Background scores which creates the proper mood to scene. Cinematography is good with exception to poor quality in the pre climax (europe scenes, most likely Green mat).

On a negative note: There are surely some unwanted-repetative scenes, which coule have been avoided. I did not personally like the way Arjun Reddy deals with his love interest in the first half. It was rude and literally molestation. But again, that’s Arjun Reddy, and it’s his character. But Arjun Reddy surprised and convinced me with other scenes where he speaks against ‘generalising & objectifying women’.

Director literally steals my heart when he compares love/concern with the monthly periods of women. He says ‘will you ask the women to live her fate during her periods or take her close, give some love and share the pain?. Claps!

Be aware… Many audiences may also feel that the second half was a bit dull because the entire second half is filled with Arjun’s addictions. It’s not a weak second half, but that’s the story and it happens with the character!

Finally… You are likely to cry in the climax if you ever loved someone and you know at least a little about what it is to truly love someone. Arjun Reddy is an engaging film that will drive you crazy, inviting again to watch him again.

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