Wrong minded 'Right Wing media' propagates fake story: Muslim can't become a hero for saving Hindu Lives

FAKE stories published by Media, shared by thousands goes viral in minutes

When journalism becomes a business, not the press but the society is in danger. Running a media in itself is a responsibility. We are always an opposition to the wrong doings of the sitting governments. What we speak is for the people, for their better understanding about current affairs of society, polity, economy etc., But when we lose those ethics, something is seriously wrong with such media house.

A bus carrying several pilgrims is under attack of terrorists. Several bullets hit the bus from all the sides before anyone could realize what was happening around. Their only motto is to take the lives of the people inside the bus while they were returning from Amarnath Yatra on 10th July 2017. Under such a horrific moment, a bus driver who was unconcerned about his own life but his passengers on board continue to drive through the bullets, ultimately saving more than 50 lives.

He was treated as a hero, a savior and a god by the passengers and their families. They would have not given a thought of what was his name and faith before a section of media start to propagate FAKE STORIES against the reality, just because his name was "Salim Shaikh".

Uncomfortable with the idea of a Muslim man saving Hindu lives, a leading Gujarati newspaper carried a report claiming that the ‘real hero’ who saved the yatris was actually Harsh Desai, the son of the bus owner. The sick media that calls other media 'Sickular' as a satire for their 'Secularism' published an old photo of the bus to justify that the bus was not attacked from the front side because 'Muslim Bus Driver' who is a 'Suspected Terrorist' was driving the bus.

The newspaper, which was founded in 1923, also publishes editions in the US. The same claim was also made by another Gujarat newspaper, Diyva Bhaskar, the Gujarati imprint of the Dainik Bhaskar group, reported AltNews.in.

Fake Stories Published on the website's Facebook Page

This fake news story was also carried by India.com, owned by right-leaning independent MP Subhash Chandra’s media group.

It is essential to recollect Dr. BR Ambedkar's view on the Indian Press, mainly dominated by the Brahmin-Bania according to him which is so true till date. He said in 1943 that "Journalism in India was once a profession. It has now become a trade. It has no more moral function than the manufacture of soap. It does not regard itself as the responsible adviser of the Public. To give the news uncoloured by any motive, to present a certain view of public policy which it believes to be for the good of the community, to correct and chastise without fear all those, no matter how high, who have chosen a wrong or a barren path, is not regarded by journalism in India its first or foremost duty. To accept a hero and worship him has become its principal duty. Under it, news gives place to sensation, reasoned opinion to unreasoning passion, appeal to the minds of responsible people to appeal to the emotions of the irresponsible. Lord Salisbury spoke of the Northcliffe journalism as written by office-boys for office-boys. Indian journalism is all that plus something more. It is written by drum-boys to glorify their heroes. Never has the interest of country been sacrificed so senselessly for the propagation of hero-worship. Never has hero-worship become so blind as we see it in India today."