3 patients die in MP as oxygen supply disrupted: Families

3 patients die in MP as oxygen supply disrupted: Families
Image Courtesy : SBS

Gwalior : Three patients undergoing treatment at Gwalior's biggest government hospital have died after the oxygen supply was cut off to its trauma centre due to disruption in electricity supply, their families alleged on Wednesday.

On the other hand, the management of Jayarogya Chikitsalaya denied any disruption in power supply or any mischief in the whole matter.

"After a power outage on Tuesday afternoon, the ventilators in the trauma centre stopped functioning and patients found it difficult to breathe. The equipment's functioning was restored only after 20 minutes," the families alleged.

They claimed that when they brought the matter to the notice of the doctors on duty, they were asked to remain calm in view of the serious condition of the patients.

Mahendra Jatav, 38, Omprakash Dhakad, 40, and Rajesh, 14, were declared dead late Tuesday evening by the doctors, following which their families protested and created a ruckus. 

Hospital Superintendent Dr J.S. Sikarvar told the media that no outage was reported though the screens of two monitors had gone blank. "The patients who died were already brain dead. It is very difficult to save such patients," he claimed.