Meet Ranbir Dutt in Sanju, an honest attempt of re-branding entertainer

3 / 5

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Vicky Kaushal, Manisha Koirala, Paresh Rawal

Sanju; the biopic of the controversial life events of Sanjay Dutt isn’t merely a case of how Ranbir justified the role, but how he made you feel you were watching the real Sanjay Dutt. The Real Sanjay Dutt is not an onscreen hero you’ve enjoyed in his filmy dialogues, but someone whom you probably wouldn’t want to make your hero. Kudos to Dutt for being fairly honest in revealing an unappreciated past, something not everyone would dare to do.

Thankfully, director managed well not to imitate the on-screen Sanjay Dutt which would have become a poor mimicry show. What you see throughout 160 minutes is not Ranbir Kapoor, but Sanjay Dutt. In fact much more than Sanjay Dutt. I would not wonder if Sanjay himself forgets his own face and sees Ranbir when he recollects his past tales.

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Director Irani tried his best to convince the Sanjay’s side of the story in a convincing manner. However, when it is a biopic, there are no sides. There are facts and there are fictions. At times, you may feel some exaggeration. But what is best in the storytelling is, you will ignore the flaws and get carried away with the entertainment.

We heard of the agencies that do ‘damage control’ or some rebranding of the corporate to regain their lost image. Sanju may become a classic example of such rebranding experiments. Of course, we’ve seen RGV’s Guru, Company etc. which fall in this category, but Sanju is an entertaining plot unlike other narrations.

Satirical comments on the press would have been expressed in a better way. There are only ‘statements’ without justifying why the press was wrong in reporting Sanjay Dutt. If the story was narrated from the press point of view, I’m sure a different perspective would have been put. But at the end of the day, Sanju is also a commercial project; a story about an actor who still has heights to achieve.

Paresh Rawal’s (played Sunil Dutt) performance as a helpless father torn between love for his son and his moral code deserves a special appreciation with an award. Besides Ranvir & Rawal, who stole my equal attention in the first 90 minutes was Vicky Kaushal, as Sanju’s friend from the US, Kamli. Vicky has done a wonderful job especially in the emotional dramas. Sanjay gives all the credits of his life to these two people in his life which is justified.

The life of Sanjay Dutt is nothing without his father and his best friend, so are Paresh Rawal and Vicky Kaushal for this film. You can watch this film without any doubt; if not as a life story, as an entertainer.

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