Prove that the SC,ST,OBC are Hindus: Waman Meshram challenged RSS at Nagpur meeting

Nagpur Muslim Morcha
Rashtriya Muslim Morcha meeting held at Nagpur on 5-Nov-2017

Nagpur, Maharashtra: Rashtriya Muslim Morcha, an off shoot wing of BAMCEF has organised a mass rally at Kasturchand Park, Nagpur on Sunday, 5th Nov. The well attended rally was titled as "Save Faith and Save Constitution".

Waman Meshram, supremo of BAMCEF and Bharat Mukti Morcha has challenged Mohan Bhagavat, RSS supremo at its headquarter and said that they should prove that SC, ST, OBCs are Hindus, which he claimed aren't. He alleged that the Muslims also call SC,ST and OBCs as Hindus and thus strengthen the ruling caste (Brahmins) which otherwise is not capable of even winning a village panchayat. According to Meshram, Brahmins have been polarizing the SC,ST and OBC by projecting Muslims as an enemy, thus certifying these castes as Hindus.

He requested Muslims to not call SCs, STs and Other Backward Classes as Hindus. "In the name of Hindus, Brahmins have been polarizing SC, ST, OBCs against Muslims and using both of them for their evil ambitions. Let us deal with the Brahmins internally if we are Hindus or not, but you (Muslims & other minorities) don't certify us" he added.

Waman Meshram
Waman Meshram speaking at the Rally

Noted Cleric and member of Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Sajjad Nomani renounced the notion that Muslims are considered as minority by those who themselves are 3.5% (Read Brahmins) of the whole population and established that Muslims are the part of Bahujan Samaj. Muslims, thus belong to the majority and shouldn't consider themselves to be the minority at all, he said. He opined that the current or past governments are also run by the same 3.5% minority class and they are only fooling the majority with different names.

Local Buddhist and Christian groups along with the Lingayat organizations has taken part in this rally.